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Actress. Vocalist. Emcee. Poet. Star.

Genesis Denise Hale is a powerful, artistic force...and she's just getting started. At 12-years-old, she landed a leading role on the Showtime hit series, "The Chi" as she plays the role of "Maisha"- a highly intelligent, quick witted, school bully who occasionally licks faces, steals bikes and sends her boy crushes to the corner store for snacks while taking care of her brothers and sisters while her mom is at work. The difference between Genesis and Maisha: Genesis went from surviving being bullied at her elementary school to playing a bully on T.V. While navigating through her high school social structure to keeping up with school work while serving on her LTAB (Louder Than A Bomb) poetry troupe, it is very clear that Genesis is definitely destined for great things. 



New York Times (Mike Hale)

"Maisha (Genesis Denise Hale), whose hilariously passive-aggressive pursuit of the mild-mannered Kevin was the show’s single best idea."


Chicago Tribune (Nina Metz)

"Genesis Denise Hale is one of the 

top 5 can't miss characters of The Chi."


WBEZ (Arionne Nettles)

"What Goes Around Comes Around On The Chi"


Washington Post (Hank Stuever)

"The Chi" is the best when it gives life to a city known for its killings."

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